Invited Speakers

Dr. Karel L. Sterckx,

Director, BU-CROCCS (Bangkok University Center of Research in Optoelectronics, Communications and Computational Systems)

Title: Visible Light Communication – An Emerging Wireless Connectivity [PRESENTATION]

Dr. Vasaki Ponnusamy,

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia.

Title: Green IoT (G-IoT) Ecosystem for Smart Cities

Prof. Durlav Hazarika,

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Assam Engineering College, Guwahati, Assam, India

Title: Micro Grid Power Management Issues for Smart City

Prof. Kandarpa Kumar Sarma,

Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam, India

Title: Technological Challenges and Issues of Connected Vehicles

Dr. (Mrs) Jenita Mary Nongkynrih,

Scientist/Engineer- SF, North Eastern Space Applications Centre, Dept. of Space Govt. Of India.

Title: Urban Mobility with special emphasis on SMART Transportation.

Prof. Sunandan Baruah,

Dean School of Engineering, Assam Down Town University

Title: Smart Nano-sensors for Smart Cities

Dr Biju Issac,

Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Northumbria University, UK 

Title: Intelligent Intrusion Detection System through Optimised Machine Learning